A Chinese born with Latino heart. Pablo Ng is born and raised in Panama. Move to Houston to fulfill his studies. Graduated and started working in corporate America as a graphic designer, marketing and web developer. Pablo was very ambitious, the corporate world didn't satisfy his urge to become better, so he started his business venture in 2007.

Prior to real estate Pablo oversaw the marketing, branding of the company and providing exceptional customer service skills in the food industry in Houston market. He opens several coffee/tea shops in Houston which he eventually sold before entering real estate.

Leveraging his experience as a successful business owner. Pablo is known for outstanding client service, high tech marketing techniques, and a negotiator for my client's best interest at heart. He believes that is his duty to represent the client to the best of his ability and educate them throughout every step the process with information and market insight, so that the client makes the best decisions possible. Pablo is a very honest and patient person, always listen to what the clients want and need. He is a very hard-working person and extremely knowledgeable about the real estate industry.


At United Heroes Realty, we have been working tirelessly to help our community heroes find the house of their dreams and invest in a profitable real estate portfolio. Here is why you should choose us for your real estate needs.

Experience Counts

We have been doing this for a long time – for more than a quarter of a century. When it comes to real estate in Houston, we are the real estate brokers that you can trust. You will not find a brokerage more invested than us. Our expertise in helping our heroes find the property of their dreams is simply unrivaled.

We Understand

Community heroes might not show it, but they sacrifice a lot to keep their communities going. They run hectic schedules, live through odd timings, and face many other challenges that most people are unbeknownst to. We search for communities and properties that suit their demanding lifestyles.

One Family

Just like you, we treat Houston communities like our own. We don’t just contribute a part of our earnings to helping our community heroes. We also invest our time and resources to show you that we value your contributions to our community and that you matter to us.


It is our organization’s mission to offer the best real estate brokerage services to the most exceptional people from our communities. Here is how we can assist you.


Bringing in the Specialists

We bring with us over a quarter of a century’s worth of experience helping people realize their No.1 dream by helping them find beautiful places that they can call their own, call their home. The years have honed our real estate expertise and helped us understand our customers’ dreams better. We don’t just know the best properties in business, but also have an excellent understanding of what speaks to our customers’ hearts. When you work with us, we make your home dreams come true.

Real Estate Discounts

When you choose us to broker your real estate deal in Houston, we put out our best people to the task. And, you should know that these are some fierce negotiators. They are professionals who understand every little factor that affects the value of the property. They will easily save you thousands of dollars on the asking price and help you fetch the best value for your money.

Rebate Program

We also run a rebate program of our own because we want to offer our community heroes not just the best, but something better. So, when United Heroes Realty brokers your next purchase, expect to get a heavily discounted price.

No Fees

United Heroes Realty believes in building communities that will build the future. And no community can thrive in the absence of selfless people who dedicate their lives to make it safer and better. It goes unsaid that we won’t charge you any fees for our services.